The Paperless Office

A decade ago, nearly half of India’s population did not have any form of identification. In 2009 that changed, Aadhar provided a digital identity to almost 1.3 billion people, the largest anywhere in the World. This was further strengthened by last year’s demonetization leading to Digitization of Indian economy. Historically India has been a country with scarce and unorganized data, surely but gradually this is changing and for the better. With an advent of a rising economy and technological advancements more and more Indian Inc. are moving towards a more secure, time saving and cost effective ways of storing data.  Even the more traditional setups are gearing up to become a paperless office. From Banks to even the highest echelon of power, Indian Parliament is moving towards the same.

As India’s premier end to end document company, Kleeto helps organizations take a cyclopean leap from paper to digital by converting physical and digital documents into intelligent, new-edge digital formats. Here are some major benefits of going paperless:

  • Document Organization

Having a document management system enables quicker collaboration between employee hence increasing efficiency and productivity.  Searching through tons of sheets of paper slows down the pace. With Kleeto, documents can be sorted, organized and arranged when it matters the most.

  • Faster and Cost Effective Client Communication

Managing contracts, communication and claims without additional printing or postage cost significantly reduces action time and undue expanses. Kleeto’s in-house DMS with unlimited access increases efficiency and decreases copies of paper littering in your office.

  • Save and Retrieve on the go

With Kleeto’s high resolution scanning, business travelers can easily back-up reports without unwanted pile of papers. Electronic files are fully secured with password access.

  • Auto Backups

Multiple backup points with unlimited access eliminates business owners headache for manual backups.

  • Data Security

A major concern going digital is the security of your data. Kleeto lets businesses store files safely via Firewall protection. Highly secured servers with barcoded access makes Kleeto safe and secure.

  • Go Green

21st century companies in India are striving for green initiatives. A paperless office means less energy consumption. Reducing paper usage reduces the carbon footprint.

If you or your business considering to go paperless, the best time is now! For more information on Kleeto and its benefits, call us on: +91-9811202742 or email us at:
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