Make faster business moves with digital.

In a business universe that’s getting more and more competitive every day, it is the smartest that survive and thrive. At the core of tis lies the ability to make accurate decisions quicker. Indeed, agile organizations are turning speedy decision making into a strategic business edge. They are anticipating change earlier, reacting to challenges more nimbly, and taking bold, proactive steps – a step sooner than their peers.

Not surprisingly, a lot of these new-thinking organizations are taking the leap from physical to digital as a tangible, measurable and urgent step in their bid to secure ‘first mover advantage’ in their industries. The reason is simple : With their versatility, security and simplicity, digital documents are removing the layers between idea and action to get things done at a fraction of the time as compared to paper.

Kleeto’s new-edge, intelligent digital documents are a case in point.

For one thing, with their thoughtful tagging, indexing and organizing features, ‘Kleeto-fied doc’s make searching documents a breeze, making sure the document you need is just a ‘finger-click’ away, anytime you need it. Net result? You get to cut down on a whopping percentage of your time hunting from pillar to post for the right document, a standard occurrence with paper.

Modern workplaces are all about teamwork, which makes share-ability critical for speedy decision making. With its unlimited access and multiple user access – all of which come with top-notch security features like barcode access, custom passwords and robust Firewalls - Kleeto excels in this area, helping teams make snappy decisions.

You cannot take instant action with your documents unless you know exactly where they are at any given point in time, can you? Kleeto’s intelligent documents take care of this smartly, by providing regular Compliance Reports, letting you refer Up-to-date Check Lists and updating you with the precise status of your documents – round the clock.

It’s time to empower your organization with the power of not just timely, but ahead-of-its-time decision making. So go ahead and take the giant leap from paper to digital. Accelerate, with Kleeto.