Office of the Future

The past 3 decades, several environmentalists and corporate pundits have claimed the arrival of paperless offices in India. After making advances in technology and research, we’re not much close to that dream yet. Since 1994 when computers first came to India, there has been a formidable amount of guesswork about the ‘office of the future’. In those days Indian companies use to envisage a time when they would be able to get rid of endless rows of filing cabinets and access important information they needed in a matter of few seconds.

Come 2017! Have we achieved the digital office like some of the major economies have? Not by a huge margin. With the youngest population of the World, often referred to as the millenials, India’s transition from a paper to digital document management system has been far from right. Even with electronic documents, organizations are still finding it tough remembering the folders they saved their documents in. This is dragging the productivity and making companies fret over the basic but most important process of storing important files/data.

Simply moving from the old habits of storing data to cloud computing will not solve any problem but will create more chaos of a messy list of folders. With this in mind striving to become paperless with an end to end document management system helps organizations take the leap of faith forward with an innovative and intelligent new-age digital formats. Team Kleeto is proudly helping businesses and enterprises with intelligent document managing processes.

So how exactly Kleeto makes your life easy?

  • Documents Management – With Kleeto quickly locate and disseminate necessary information at your finger tip. This enhances your company’s efficiency and professional image.
  • Faster and Cost Effective Client Communication - Spontaneously send sales reports and important files without incurring postage or printing expense, what more its complete safe and secure.
  • Retrieve on the Go – Digitally formatted files with multiple user access, the files can be easily shared over a network or via email.
  • Automatic Backups - Kleeto allows multiple backup points setting aside the pains of manual backups.
  • Data Security – Kleeto lets you share online access with secure login and password access. Privacy and Data Protection are backbone of Kleeto’s DMS (document management system).
  • Cost Effective - Kleeto goes beyond the savings of paperless office. It eliminates the cost of office supplies and expansive office equipment.
  • Green Initiative - As India strives for recycling waste, a paperless eviornement means less energy consumption.

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