Stay Safe with Digital

The debate between digital and physical has been going on for some time now. So why is digital considered the safer and better bet by most? Let’s take a closer look.

First off, is the issue of choice. There are so many ways of securing a digital document. You can guard it with a password (which, in turn, you can make as cryptic as your imagination allows for!). You can encrypt it. You can invoke the power of biometrics (eye retina, face profile and fingerprints) to ‘lock’ your digital assets. And of course you can coddle it within layers of server protection.

To err is human. Which is why it comes as a big relief that your digital documents are ‘hands-free’ (certainly when compared to physical or paper documents) – making them independent of human intervention and humanly mistakes.

Third, you always know where your digital docs are located, as their features carry much better ‘trackability’ as compared to paper which can suddenly get lost or misplaced. And while on the topic, it is important to note that digital documents make audit trails easy as well.

And what happens when things do get out of hand? Well, remember that you can always have multiple back-ups of your digital documents. In fact, thanks to cutting-edge research, there’s a veritable plethora of ‘additional storage’ or back-up options available in the market these days.

Fifthly, let’s not forget that digital docs are much better protected against natural and man-made hazards like fire, tampering, pilferage and so on.

What’s more, you can carefully pick and earmark members of your team for access your digital documents, which adds an extra layer of mental peace.  

Finally, since paper is made from trees, when you do digital, you add muscle to the mission for a greener world, and a better future for  us all.

Sure, digital isn’t 100% perfect, but with great strides being made in the domains of hacking, disaster recovery and cloud technology everyday, digital is fast becoming the choice of medium of organizations and individuals like. When it comes to safety, ease of use and peace of mind.