Why the smart new generation thinks, works and lives digitally. (And why the rest of us should follow suit)

As we enter the age of the millennials, workplaces all around are reflecting the way this new generation loves to work – quietly, effortlessly, fast. The global shift towards digitization can perhaps be best understood in this context. Digitalization of documents is a subset of this phenomenon. Here’s a closer look at how going digital with your documents makes your workplace next-generation-ready.

Digital documents – almost by definition - are all about speed. With their instant access and easy track-ability, digital documents, they are always a click away, cutting down on the hours of ‘searching from pillar to post’ that’s a familiar characteristic of the paper-era. By saving time big-time, and by lending themselves to quicker decision-making at all levels of the hierarchy, digitalization of documents are, quite literally, adding momentum to the transformation we are witnessing at work, everyday. But that, as it turns out, is just the appetizer.

Digital docs also carry with them the benefit of Access Control. Just choose the right options and preferences, and Voila! You’ve made sure your content cannot be viewed or accessed by anyone other than those you have earmarked for the purpose. Compare that to the near impossible task of ‘shielding’ your paper documents from ‘unwanted attention’, and you get an inkling of the efficient new generation’s fascination for digital.

Security rates amongst the most important parameters when it comes to documentation. And this is an area where digital takes the cake, hands down. For one thing, there are multiple ways of ‘securing’ them: Passwords, encryptions, bio-metrics and so on. Add the fact that digital docs can be duplicated easily (for back-up storage), are virtually fire, tampering and pilferage proof (certainly when compared to their paper counterpart) and are hands-free (which makes them ‘human-error-free’), and you can’t help nod in quiet affirmation.

Along with speed and safety comes the great advantage of compliance. When you go digital, your documents are automatically made compliant with the help of features designed precisely for the purpose. What’s more, when the compliance requirements change, your documents are automatically ‘upgraded’ or ‘matched-up’, thanks to smart technology.

Convenience takes a big leap forward when it comes to the matter of ‘legacy documents’ too, which, for most companies, are still in physical (read paper) format. How do you access them? The answer is simple : Centralized Digital View, which makes your paper and digital document both accessible at one place with a single tool. In a not un-similar fashion, it’s easy to knit together different documents residing in multiple systems in a consolidated, central file management system, when you go digital. A neat (and effortless) way to create ‘order’ in the middle of ‘chaos’? You bet.

Still wondering if it’s worth going digital? Consider the huge favour you will be doing to the countless trees that are felled every year to make paper, and you’ll probably have your answer: Digital isn’t just for millennials, after all.

It’s for all of us who believe in a smarter workplace, and a better world.